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Are you ready for ISO IDMP?

Are you ready for ISO IDMP?

News   •   Jan 21, 2014 08:00 CET

Following the implementation of XEVMPD, new legislation, based on five new ISO IDMP standards, is due to come into force in 2016. Rune Ringsholm Bergendorff, advanced business consultant at NNIT, explains how pharmaceutical companies will need to adapt business processes across the whole organisation.

ISO IDMP is the next after xEVMPD

News   •   Jun 19, 2013 09:00 CEST

ISO IDMP is the next wave in the pharmacovigilance legislation after xEVMPD. But with a global scope and requiring data integration from the entire company it is a much bigger wave. ISO IDMP will transform your regulatory IT strategy.